Six Tips For A Successful Job Fair

Job fairs are a convenient way to make contact with a variety of employers in one place at one time. The Rockwall Job Fair was established to connect job seekers with companies that are seeking professional candidates like you. Use the following tips to help you get the job you want.

1. First impressions go a long way so make sure to dress professional. You will be meeting with potential employers face to face so you want to present a well- groomed appearance. Some applicants make the mistake of dressing like you would be on the job, while, the actual dress code might be more casual, at a Job Fair it is recommended to wear a business suit or dress pants, shirt and tie for men and a suit, dress, skirt or nice pants for women.

2. Update your Resume and bring at least 25 copies with your contact information readily available as some offers will not be made on site. If you need help creating a resume, research online, there are plenty of websites that offer free templates or guides for maximizing your strengths. It is always a good idea to keep a digital copy available if you are asked to apply online.

3. Do some research before the Job Fair. Find out what organizations will be there and spend some time learning about them on their websites and social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Most of the companies hiring at the Rockwall Job Fair are listed on this website and have provided a list of the positions that need to be filled. Make sure to use the information you learn to develop questions to ask employers at the fair. Asking questions and doing your research shows the recruiter that you are prepared and have an interest in their company.

4. Preparation is key to any successful Job Fair or interview. Plan your introduction and include your name, a brief description of your job history and why you are interested in seeking the position at that particular company. Make sure to practice out loud and this will help you build confidence and be more relaxed when you meet employers. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself, The employers at the fair are interested in talking to you and want to know why you qualify for their positions.

5. Plan ahead and use your time wisely. There will be plenty of attendees and the employers want to make time to meet with as many applicants as they can. Make sure to use the list of employers and job descriptions prior to the Job Fair. Arrive early to ensure you have time to visit your top companies and be sure to make time to meet with our career counselors if you have any questions, they are there to help you navigate your job search.

6. Keep an Open Mind and REMEMBER these employers signed up for the Job Fair because they are actively recruiting and need to find people to fill their jobs. They need you just as much as you need them!

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