Common Job Fair Interview Questions

Job Fair interviews are different than typical job interviews. Hiring managers are trying to meet with several candidates for various jobs, in a small time frame. Often you will have to sell yourself quickly, so make sure to practice your elevator speech.

An elevator speech is a brief message all about you. Basically, it is your commercial and should include who you are, what you are looking for and how you can benefit a company. Because an elevator speech is short, one to two minutes or less, a quick introduction explaining which job you are interested in and why you are qualified might be all you have time for. One of the most common questions at a job fair is “Tell me about yourself” so make sure to craft a brief but powerful sales pitch that summarizes the value and abilities you can offer an employer.

Considering the interviewer will only have a few moments to meet with you, other common questions to be prepared for are: What do you consider your greatest strengths and weaknesses? or What makes you qualified for this position? Prep for these types of questions by researching the companies and what positions they have that you want to apply for. Consider reviewing your resume and picking out the valuable skills and experience that are the most relevant for the job you are targeting. Be direct and focused and you will stand out from the crowd.

Some employers will want to know if you did any research on their company, they may ask questions like, What do you know about our company? Or What interests you in our products? It is best practice to visit the websites of the companies you are interviewing with, just in case you get a question like one of these.

No matter what questions you get asked at a job fair, often times you are asked, Do you have any questions for us? It is a good idea to have a few questions relating to the job and the company ready if you are asked. By asking questions, you show the interviewer that you are interested in the job and learning more about the company. Relevant questions could be: What are you looking for in a candidate? Why is this role open at your company? Or, What are the next steps in the selection process? Sometimes this is the last impression you will leave on interviewers, so come prepared with a few standard questions.

Many of the positions at the Rockwall Job Fair are hire on the spot, however, some will require second or even third interviews depending on the skill level required. Hiring managers attend job fairs to meet with the public and see as many people as they can. They will use their first impression of you to decide if you are a good fit, ask a few questions and then move on to the next candidate. Use your time wisely.

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